Saturday, December 13, 2008

Three of my Favorite Things

This was God's unexpected present to me when I haphazardly poked my head out our bedroom window my first morning back in Brazil. It was still early--about 6:30 a.m. and unbeknowns to me, a light rain had fallen during the night. The arc of the rainbow was much darker than this picture portrays, and its colors so vivid against the cloudless, blue sky that I was stunned and ran for my camera afraid I would fail to capture such a rare treat. The rainbow disappeared quickly, as rainbows do, but I felt in my heart God's smile on us as we begin our 8th term on the field. Only God knows how much I needed that.
My roses were blooming and so welcoming and vibrant--unlike this picture--that I had to share them with you. They looked much better a la viva!

And my favorite of favorite flowering trees, the jacaranda tree, was fuller and more beautiful than last year. I often chuckle at God's grace. I don't have this tree on my property, but two of my neighbors do and from my back porch--which is the height of a three-story building--I lay in our hammock and enjoy the beauty of these trees at a privileged angle that even the owners cannot enjoy. This is one more example of a truth God has shown me before: one doesn't have to own things to enjoy them.

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