Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The brown house is ours, which shows how close the neighbors are...

Front view of the yellow box where the sun always shines.

In a previous blog I mentioned the new Guthrie Theatre having a unique amber box that juts out of the building into open space. The architect designed that box for depressed Minnesotans who go for days without seeing the sun during the winter months; hence, the box offers a reprieve from SAD Syndrome. Upon arrival in Brazil I was dazed (as in sun struck) with the deep yellow my neighbors chose for their house. It was a bit too egg yolky for me until I caught an amber glow reflected on our windows facing their house. All of a sudden, I knew I had an antidote for my own winter depression (that hits us in June and July). I like the warm glow, the buttery yellow glaze on my windows and I tell myself it's still daytime even though the sun is going down.
I feel a tad giddy just writing about it.

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Anonymous said...

seems weird that the house is there! I am glad that you have a bit of more of sunshine!