Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We were on a date, leisurely ambling through the crowded corridors of the shopping mall in our town, and as we walked by the front of a store, the security arcs (or whatever they're called)started beeping. I looked at Pat and he at me and we kept walking. We decided to turn in at Renner's and as soon as we did, the beeping erupted again. "It's your clothes, " I said anxiously, remembering this happening to me in the States. Pat tugged and stretched his shirt, but found nothing. Ironically, we spotted a shirt hanging on the rack that was almost exactly like the shirt he was wearing. Hastily, we checked the designer label on both shirts and breathed a sign of relief. They were different. After browsing in the store for a few minutes, we decided to leave only to have the beeper go off at the exit. Pat turned to the clerk who was rummaging through some racks, and hastily explained, "I bought this shirt in the States, but for some reason the beepers go off." "No problem," he answered and right there I was thankful we didn't have pink hair, dark glasses or heavy chains dangling from our belts. He let us out no questions asked.

"Hurry!" I admonished as soon as we'd left the store. "Go to the bathroom and check your clothes." My words tumbled out with such urgency and authority that Pat almost ran. After a loooong time, he reappeared, but by this time I had tired of waiting for him and had gone into the women's restroom, so when I came out, he was waiting for me!
"And???" I was all ears.
"There was a beeper tag inside my pants alright," Pat said, "but I don't have a scissors with me (why didn't we think to bring one???) so we'll just have to wait until we get home."

And that's just what we did.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word, I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me! Old Navy likes to put the tags so deep inside the pant legs of their jeans that I never even think to look for them! So if I happen to wear those jeans into Old Navy or Target, the beeper goes off, and I feel like all eyes are on me, waiting for me to commit a crime. Ugh. I've actually asked for scissors at the store before. :)

prairierose said...

Yep! These pants were from Old Navy!

Linda said...

Tonight we were at Southdale. When I walked into the Gap, I beeped. I made a purchase and told the guy I was going to beep on the way out. I asked him if there was something in my 5 year old Gap coat, he looked and just told me not to worry when I beeped. I then beeped going into Barnes and Noble. I beeped going into the music video section of Barnes and Noble. I beeped going out of the music section, but I had explained to the guy there who had heard me beep when I came in that I had been beeping all evening. He said not to worry. I beeped going out of Barnes and Noble. I beeped going into Target. I beeped going out of Target.

Every time I beeped, I felt a need to explain to any employees nearby or to loudly say to Terry, "I know I am going to beep. I must have a tag in my clothes."

For the record, I was wearing a Gap coat, Eddie Bauer pants, an Old Navy fleece sweater with an Old Navy tank underneath. I shall check tonight for the pesky tag. It's so embarrassing to beep.

prairierose said...


Linda said...

In case you need to know, there was an beeper tag in the Old Navy fleece sweater I was wearing. They guy said they can become "reactivated", so you need to cut them out of the clothes.

The End.

prairierose said...

But isn't it strange that the beeper tag from the USA is on the same beeper wave length here in Brazil...or maybe that's not so strange!!!