Thursday, September 22, 2011

Would it be spring without flowers?

A yellow carpet of ipê blossoms
Officially, spring starts September 23rd in our southern hemisphere, but the seasons slide in and out of rhythm all year long.  Today, for instance, was a beautiful summer day, but next week there are predictions for a dip down to an overnight low of 48.  Some claim that we can have all four seasons in one day! But that's not my point.  What if there were no spring flowers?  None at all?  Only green everywhere one looked.  God didn't need to give us color. In fact, our world could have been created in grim shades of gray.  But, I'm sooo very thankful that God made colors, and invented thousands of ways of displaying them in flowers.  And, to top that, He added fragrances.  That's my heavenly Father!!
I can't get enough of these
A bouquet of singular beauty
Wisteria spreads wistfully along the fence
Such gentle flowers