Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Rock Star Gabriella

This girl is gonna be a performer. Mark my words! Here she tries out the many new sounds she is hearing in Portuguese without actually saying anything coherent! Go Girl!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


In about 9 hours I will be getting up to catch a plane to São Paulo. Flying to a women's conference by myself is both scary and exciting! SEPAL is the organization putting it on and they work in Brazil to help grow the church. This will be their 1st Women's Conference for women in ministry. The kick off is tomorrow afternoon with a women's tea and the release of a new book for women. I had the privilege of writing one of the chapters on the subject of women and beauty. How ironic, then, that I am going to this book release feeling very ugly. I mean, I haven't felt this ugly in a long time. Here's what happened: I went to the beauty salon to cut and dye my hair (to look beautiful for this conference) and unfortunately, chose a color that is too blonde and doesn't flatter me at all. (It's been painful to look at myself in the mirror.) The beautician also cut my hair too short on the sides, making my cheeks puff out in a piggy kind of way. I've wondered about having my hair re-dyed, but would that be a "vain" expense? I decided it was, so I'm going to look ugly with the hope that upon arrival at the conference, God will wave his magic wand and turn me into Cinderella.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Egg Hunt

My Easter Bunnies seem to be disorientated as to "where to look" for the Easter eggs. Take a peek...

My Easter Bunnies

Easter this year was in Camaquã, a city in the interior of our state of Rio Grande do Sul. We celebrated with an "Easter Egg Hunt" on the grass outside of Reesha & Leno's house and later enjoyed a delicious salmon dinner. The kids didn't seem hungry. I wonder why???


My oldest granddaughter, Emily, is already 8 years old! I don't ever want her to grow up (lie), but I do love the phase she is in. The theme for her birthday (always done up in great style by mama Reesha) was Fashion Girl. Here is the fashion show that we all enjoyed. Unfortunately, the film maker (yours truly) held the camera sideways! Oh well.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama Comes to Visit Me

I'm not real clear on "how" Obama got to my place; I just know he was there and that I was busy working away. My memory is a bit vague, but it seems that I was busy wiping up some kind of liquid that had spilled on the floor. He was perched on a high stool, his legs splayed, when he found an old hymnal (in Portuguese) and said, "I remember the "Harpa Cristã", and got up, went to the piano and started playing and singing a hymn. It's strange that I never interacted with him. My dream faded away at that point. Too bad. I missed out entirely on an opportunity to engage the president of the United States!

Coloring Easter Eggs again!

It's been a few years since having kids in my house to color Easter eggs. This year was different. Gabriella, Caleb and their friend, João Vitor tried their hand at being creative.

Who's the piggy in this post?

Hint: Nedra's clean laundry pile is on the left; Pat's is on the right.

Friday, April 03, 2009