Sunday, December 14, 2008

My 2nd Thanksgiving

My 2nd Thanksgiving was on a warm summer day in Brazil, quite a contrast to the cold November Thanksgiving in Minneapolis. We made stuffed roast chicken instead of turkey and it didn't taste all that different to me. Of course, we ate mashed potatoes (but didn't make 10 pounds), had our special can of cranberries I'd brought in my suitcases as well as some lefse that I'd helped make in the USA. We didn't bake any pies, but the icecream and toppings were delicious. And we all shared what we were most thankful for that year. This is always a highlight for me. I was most thankful for my new granddaughter, born in May, and for our furlough in the States.
Julia tried on her new patent leather shoes I brought in my suitcase....maybe next year??

That million-dollar smile always gets a warm response.

Emily was thrilled to get the heart-shaped jewelry box cousin Gabriella made and sent her.

Eric--or 'Buddy' as his Mom often calls him--is all smiles today. Maybe he just ate some chocolate which is his favorite main dish.

Our annual picture at the table where everyone strains to get in the picture and several remain out of focus.

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