Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh, There's No Place Like Home

Pat's sign drew comments from our neighbor who noticed the tears Pat drew on the sad face on the left. PTL there is a happy face on the right. (He did miss me.)

Emily and Eric waited patiently at airport arrivals while I waited impatiently inside the baggage claim area, my third bag being the absolute last one on the carrousel. While waiting, all I could do was wave excitedly at their smiling faces bouncing up and down behind the glass that separated us. Finally, it was out the door and into their outstretched arms, then it was warm hugs from daughter Reesha and son-in-law Leno, and last, but best of all, into the strong and welcoming arms of my better half, who stood there, flowers in hand and a heart overflowing with love.
Notice the pictures my grandkids drew for me and the fluorescent glow-in-the-dark necklace Emily gave me.
Daughter Patricia, her hubby and precious Julia weren't able to meet us at the airport, so I still had that reunion to look forward to later that afternoon.
It felt so right to be home.

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