Wednesday, December 10, 2008


It had been a long four years since I'd had Thanksgiving in the States, and this year was no disappointment. It was a comforting Thanksgiving meal complete with lefse and cranberries and my State-side kids, Michelle and Michael, their wonderful spouses, my Mom and Chris' Mom, plus three precious grandkids. The food was special and sooooooooooo good, thanks to Michelle's delicious turkey basting (even though we almost set the oven on fire, but due to Chris' finely-tuned olfaction (good nose) he decided to check out the smells coming from the oven and averted a serious fire. You see, the aluminum discartable roasting pan had sprung a leak and the precious turkey juice was slowly dripping onto the bottom of the oven.) PTL for making Chris' curiosity get the best of him. By this time, Michelle and I had already collapsed back into bed, but unfortunately Chris had to awaken Michelle with his clarion call (scream?)of : "There's a turkey emergency! A turkey emergency!!" So, there they were mopping up turkey drippings by the bucket while I slept on peacefully dreaming I was floating on clouds of mashed potatoes while playing my harp with a turkey leg (I made that part up).
Later we all went to Michael & Cari's for scrumptous apple and pumpkin pies. In the planning stages for this meal, however, I think we were all suffering from Biafratic Starving Syndrome because for the 7 adults and 3 small children we made 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, stuffed a 24 pound turkey, made three times the recipe for the traditional green bean casserole, bought 8 liters of pop and rolled out 4 pies. Chris was dreaming of all those leftovers, but I'm afraid he only ended up with a big turkey drumstick and a slice of breast meat. Whatever happened to all that food????????? Sorry, Chris, now you'll have to wait 'til next year!

Marilyn and Mom found much to talk about while paging through my bird calendar.

Cari brought the 10 pounds of mashed potates and three recipes of our green bean casserole.

Grandma insisted on peeling the apples for the pies with a paring knife, not the indispensable veggie peeler while Michelle painstakingly cut out umpteen pie-crust leaves to cover one of the apple pies. She's so artistic!


Linda said...

You mean you only had 10 pounds of potatoes and a triple recipe for the green bean casserole?! I know we're in a recession and all, so I guess you're just doing your part to be frugal.

I normally do a 25 pound sack of potatoes for me alone.

prairierose said...

Thank you for sharing your secret for keeping trim. I'll keep it under my hat.