Saturday, December 13, 2008

And Now We're All Together Again!

That Saturday, my house sounded like a bee hive, everyone talking all at once, laughing and trying to be heard. There was so much news to catch up on, but even as we talked and laughed and Emily and Eric made their contributions, too, we were all on the lookout for a white Palio that would bring Neval, Patricia and Julia, and when it pulled up in front of our house, we all streamed out onto the street to greet them. Julia was only 44 days old when Pat and I left Brazil on June 24th; now she was a grown-up 6 months and 19 days! Even though we had kept up-to-date with her growth via skype and pictures, the real Julia was so much more delightful. Smiling and content, she batted her big, blue, angelic eyes at us and won her way right into our hearts...again.

So now my Brazilian side of the family is all together for the weekend. I kind of let my girls take over in the kitchen as I still felt like a visitor in my own home. At one point I found Pat in our bedroom with the door shut, looking through the suitcases...and discovered he'd found one of his presents I'd successfully screened from his eyes that I'd bought on Half E-bay and brought from the States. I promptly scolded him and prohibited him from looking in the 3rd suitcase lest he discover more "prohibited" items. Tsk! Tsk! The next day was to be our Thanksgiving meal.

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