Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mothball Hugs All Around

It was to be my first time back in church since leaving Brazil in June and I wanted to "look good" if you know what I mean. I also absolutely had to wear something new I'd brought from the States. But, that was exactly my quandry: I couldn't find anything to wear! My beige skirt made me look too fat, my white skirt had no top that matched and on it went. Finally, I chose a pin-striped pair of slacks and a dusty rose lightweight sweater to go with the "pins" and my daughter whisked it away to be ironed. My hubby had already left for church and all of a sudden I found myself short of time to shower, wash and dry my hair and get to church on time. (And being tardy was unforgiveable!) With my ironed clothes in hand I dressed only to realize that I had chosen something way too hot for our weather. Off went those clothes as the search resumed-- I frantically flung clothes right and left until I found the perfect outfit. Of course, I would wear my white capris and the striped top that matched. I quickly sent them to be ironed even though I caught a slight whiff of mothballs. We were going to be late for church, that was for sure, and my hair wasn't cooperating and, oh, so many things were going wrong. And it was raining. And we were late. The worship time was ending as I walked in and I was surprised to see my husband playing the guitar (he is not part of the worship band). My keyboard was all set up and waiting (for me?). The guitar player simply hadn't "shown up" so the band leader was hoping I would play the keyboard even though nothing had been said to me and when I didn't "show" she grabbed Pat to play the guitar at the last minute.

In spite of all that, it was great to be back and at the end of the service as I hugged people I could smell moth balls--on myself--until I finally had to say something to a friend I'd just hugged. She laughed and confirmed what I knew. Mothballs indeed! Here's the explanation. My husband arrived home one month before I did and the outfit I wore to church was in the suitcase he'd brought back. Instead of putting those clothes in the dresser, he'd added them to other clothes we'd left behind packed in moth balls in another suitcase.

I'm afraid I gave people a welcome they won't forget!

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