Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What street kids and street dogs have in common

Sorry about these pix...I can't seem to put them where I want them! Top left to right: Tramp's house, Suzy & her garbage, Tramp, The fiesty son, The abandoned mother

1. They live on the street
2. They beg for food
3. They form gangs
4. The girls get pregnant
5. People don't want to adopt them
6. They fend for themselves
7. They look through the garbage
8. They make people uncomfortable

Our street currently has 3 street dogs plus 2 more that wander over on our block at times. A pregnant, little black dog was surreptitiously dropped off on our street and she has since given our street two more street dogs (but one disappeared). Neighbors take food to them at their shelter on an abandoned construction site. The neighbor kids think it's a lark. Another nice, brown & white doggie "appeared" that my neighbor takes care, though he won't adopt her. He made her a house and buys dog food for her, treats her sores and fleas, but she continues to be called a "street dog." I named her Suzy. (My grandchildren had fun feeding chocolate chip cookies to her when they were here this past weekend). Today while I was trying to get pictures of them, the son of the little black dog took off after Suzy, his bark sharp and angry, in a successful attempt to defend his end of the street. (You see, they already formed street gangs!)
Further down my street, but on the next block, lives "Tramp", an ugly dog that someone else takes care of--but again, he continues to live on the street! It is uncomfortable for some people to walk on the street and, of course, they don't usually like the postman. The city is trying to remedy the situation, and they maintain a dog pound at the price of $3,000 per month!! Have they confused street kids with dogs???

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