Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bus Sleeping

We went by bus to Curitiba--a twelve hour affair--for a mission meeting a week ago. The bus seats are comfortable and recline, we are furnished with a pillow and blanket and a little packet of snacks and there is free cold water available at all times. Early in the morning the man sleeping in the seat ahead of me began to cry out in his sleep. I thought he was having a nightmare until I saw his hands stiffen and curl up and his body begin to shake! It was scary. The man sitting next to him jumped out of his seat and never returned to his place. Everyone sitting close by stared at him and a couple of ladies came up to ask how he was and why didn't the bus have first aid and to please tell the driver to stop. We kept a close watch on the man to make sure he didn't swallow his tongue or get his breathing passages blocked. Finally the bus driver did stop, but by that time he was coming out of the seizure and the driver turned the man on his side. He slowly came to, must have felt embarrassed to have so many eyes turned on him, turned on his side and tried to sleep. After a few minutes, he got up, vomited a little on the floor and without saying anything, went to the back of the bus to the restroom. We felt so sorry for him. During the night we heard his cell phone, but he never answered it, so we thought it was just a reminder of some sort (to take his medicine??) and after the seizure, the phone made the same ring and this time he did answer it. May God bless and heal him.

We spent the day in Curitiba and returned that very night by bus, but this time no one had a seizure. Two nights on the bus, but it wasn't sooo bad...

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