Thursday, August 09, 2007


I'm blessed by my children. This past weekend Patricia and Neval were here for a visit. Patricia took it upon herself to do some much needed cleaning in my laundry room and kitchen. She even waxed the living room floor, made lunch for us while I was at my water exercise class and searched through my Christmas boxes to find a framed picture I'd put away in December to make room for my Christmas decorating--and never found again! Well, now it's back hanging in its rightful place--and all of this done in Patricia's effervescent, giving way. Neval's niece turned the Big 15 and this pix is how the elegant couple looked as they stepped out the door on their way to the big bash!


Linda said...

So, all of a sudden you go nuts with the posts! What fun to read. Hugs to everyone.

Anonymous said...

HI MOM2!!!!
Why in the world didn't you let your blog be known...I found it on Linda's site. Silly Mom2... you are an inspirational writer... you should give me some lessons.
Have a great day, Michael said he LOVED talking to you and Pat last night :)
Love your favorite daughter in law