Tuesday, August 28, 2007

He said, "That's life!"

I was jumping up and down in the water doing my exercises with my classmates when suddenly a new lady to the group blurted out, "I was assaulted Friday night!" She continued to bob up and down as if she'd said, "I had my hair cut last night," then went on to describe the scene. Her father-in-law was bringing her and her five-year-old son home (just a block or two away from our gym) when a car pulled up next to theirs and a guy jumped out and put a gun to her head while his companion parked a short distance away, gun pointed toward heaven. The lady screamed, gave him her purse while the little five-year-old cried out, "Don't take my backpack! Don't take my backpack!" (His Mom said it was because he had 50 cents in his backpack.) At the lady's second scream, her husband came running out from inside the house, pointed the remote control from the TV at the criminals and screamed that he would shoot. They evidently thought he was holding a gun and took off--fortunately!

A man in our class asked the lady, "Is this the first time it's happened to you?" Well, it was. He'd been held up some five times, he said, the worst being when the criminals got in his car and forced him to keep driving...Then he ended with, "It's a good thing this happened because now your little boy can learn this is life."

Is that a sad commentary on our society or what??


Anonymous said...

WOW! I hope my mom doesn't read this blog - i think she would feel a little bit diff. about us heading to Brasil. Thankfully G

Anonymous said...

od is always with us!