Monday, August 20, 2007


Ever since we moved into our present home on April 14, 1997, I have looked wistfully at the empty lot next-door and wished it were ours. Pat put up a basketball hoop on the outside wall of the house, which was built right on the dividing line between the lots and for a while he and the kids turned a patch of the empty lot into a basketball court. One day I even planted some special corn seed I'd brought back from the States in the back of this empty lot, but the cows got it!! (There was no Little Boy Blue around to blow his horn!). Several times we paid someone to cut the weeds through the years we've been babysitting, so to speak, hoping that one day it would be ours. One day I sat down and made a design of what I would put in that lot. I'm sure you understand that all these years I have been praying for the means to buy the lot! Well, one day we saw a FOR SALE sign on the lot. It sent cold shivers up my spine, but I still believed God was reserving the lot for us. The sign disappeared and I kept my hopes up. Uhh-ooh! Not to be! One day, a truck pulled up and two guys installed a light post in the empty lot. I realized then that God had answered my prayers afterall--but his answer was "No." All right, Lord, your will be done.

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