Friday, August 03, 2007

Bembleman's Bread, Brazil Nuts & Registering for a Wedding!

I woke up today thinking about making bread, and while Pat had a Bible study with a church member at the breakfast table, I quietly measured flour and stirred up a batch of Beth's delicious brown bread. I set it aside to rise and wrapped it in a blanket cuz it's still a little on the chilly side here. I cleaned up my mess, then decided I wanted to eat sweet rolls, too, and dirtied all my counter space again. You see, my daughter Patricia, arrived this afternoon and her husband, Neval, will arrive on Saturday, and he loves my sweet rolls with apricot I started making apricot filling, but had to stop to crack Brazil nuts that came from a real tree! (I know all Brazil nuts come from a real tree, but these nuts came from a YWAMer that got them from their own private tree in the faraway state of Rondonia in the Amazon. Now, doesn't that make them more important?) And better yet, my Brazilian friend, Joana, recently disclosed to me the ingenious way she cracks Brazil nuts in her home by wedging them in the hinged part of a door, then shutting it! She claims it works fine. (I used a nutcracker.) I had to stop all operations to make lunch and eat it hurridly because we needed to make a hospital visit to our neighbor boy during the noon hour. We got to the hospital in time, but when we got to João's room, he wasn't there! After inquiring we discovered he was still in surgery to remove a cist (?) from his cheek. (His surgery had been scheduled for 8 a.m., but obvbiously delayed.) We went home, and I put my brown bread in the oven, part of it was two pizza crusts...

Our neighbor called to set up a time for us to go with them to the register of deeds. His divorce finally came through and now he and his live-in can get married. This has been a matter of prayer and concern for years (!) and we are so happy their situation will be finally legalized. They asked us to be the legal witnesses, so today we had to register the fact that they are getting married and sign papers and then they type up more papers and when you're all done there are a lot of papers! I was surprised that the wife to be isn't going to change her name--to not have to go through all the red tape to change her other documents, like her driver's license, her voting card, her social security card, and who knows how many other cards. It took an hour and a half to get that done and I'm now worried about the bread I'd left to rise while we were gone. They invited us over for coffee, but I excused myself to first check on my bread. When I uncovered the one I'd shaped into a crescent roll, filled with apricots (and Brazil nuts), I immediately thought of Bembleman's Bakery (a children's story that I absolutely love) and the bread that grew and grew until it filled up the whole house and crept out the windows and kept growing. Well, my bread wasn't that big, but it was lopping off one end of the cookie sheet and was at least 4 or 5 inches high! I popped it into the oven and headed out the door to have coffee with the neighbors. (Dangerous, dangerous). And...when I finished coffee and was crossing the street, I could already smell the bread, and with my heart in my mouth, I cautiously opened the front door and was relieved there wasn't smoke billowing out the oven door (as had happened recently on another occasion, but we will let that lie...). My crescent bread had patches of burns-not 3rd degree burns, but maybe 1st degree--and later we were forced to try out the bread to see if I could serve it to Neval, and, well, I'll let the picture tell the outcome.
Patricia had to write a paper for school tonight, but when she was done, she asked if we wanted to take a buzz around town. It was actually 11:30 p.m. but hey, when your daughter wants to do something--even if it's 11:30 p.m--you do it. (She lives in this little town...) So, we "dragged the main" (that's what we called it when I was a teenager) and then strangely found ourselves seated at an ice cream place devouring (1) guava (2) baccio and/or (3) nozes ice cream, and it was truly delicious even at that hour of the night...and now I'm going to bed.

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