Thursday, November 06, 2008

When Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I tickled, I cajoled, I pushed and shoved and succeeded in jamming my x-d picture card in my new laptop. There it stayed for a couple of days while several of us gathered round to philosophize, exchange ignorances, and talk about "how" to extricate said card from my PC. Then, EUREKA!! During the night I had a revelation: use my tweezer to gently pull said card from its dire straits. When morning dawned, I did just that, and BINGO! the x-d disappeared inside my PC. LITERALLY. There is not a sign nor sound of it. Alas! I blame it all on my husband, who though not present, was responsible for the accident. If he had been here, I wouldn't have been so rash--would not have used the tweezer because my hubby would have stopped me in time. I'm sorry, Pat, for the damages you have done.

My poor PC is in the hospital. Pray for a quick recovery. Ignorance was NOT bliss.

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