Thursday, February 14, 2008


The very first valentine I received from a boyfriend was from Mr. Pat himself. We had been dating only 86 days and we both felt a bit awkward and shy about giving valentines. My card to him said, "I've sent/ This friendly Valentine/In hopes that it will show/ How really grand (I underlined grand)/ I think you are/ How nice (I also underlined nice) you are to know."
In red ink I wrote, "Happy Valentines Day!" and simply signed it "Nedra"
HIS valentine to me said, "A Valentine wish straight from the heart...(turn page) 'Cause that's where all (here the card company underlined all) good wishes start! Happiness Always" (Always is underlined by the CARD COMPANY). It is signed, "Pat"
It was only signed, "Pat" but those three letters produced a series of bubbly, fizzy, happy feelings that bounced and swirled inside of me, and I couldn't explain them, but the realization that "he" was interested in me was truly awesome!!!!
My family always underlines appropriate words in greeting cards. Pat doesn't. When I first knew him I wanted him to underline, too, because underlining was a way our family communicated our feelings. It was somehow easier than saying the words. Pat says the words. And his words are so much more meaningful than any store-bought underlining (which has become kind of a joke between us now even though I still like to do it!)

Pat, you are my valentine and you are mine (underline, underline, underline!!)

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Anonymous said...

cute. reminds me of Michael and I.