Thursday, February 07, 2008


( For some reason this photo came out upside down!)

My mind is like a suitcase packed full of memories of 34 years in Brazil. February 7th, 1974 is still fresh in my mind, especially those first years when everything was strange and different and we lived on a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. Here are a few memories:

*bare cement floors

*students singing while they worked

*the dark blue walls of my bedroom that I came to hate

*two fat, long cockroaches wiggling their antennae, clinging to the door of my wardrobe when I opened it to have a look--then slammed it shut very quickly!

*eating rice and beans almost every day

*smilely, friendly brown faces

*people in church shaking my hand and saying, "The peace of the Lord"

*seeing urine trickle down the slanted floor in the church during the service

*our low bed with little bedstands attached to the headboard

*trying corn meal mush

*the thrill of getting a letter from family

*lying in bed for two long months looking at those dark blue walls while recuperating from hepatitus

*beautiful children

That was just a peek in my memory suitcase...I am thankful to a loving heavenly Father who has been and continues to be faithful to us. To God be the glory!

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