Wednesday, February 06, 2008


went up the waterspout, so says the nursery rhyme, but what I saw in my bathroom was NOT eensy nor weensy! I was merrily sudsing myself in the shower when I happened to look up, which I don't normally do while showering, and shuddered at the size of the enormous spider that was getting restless by the steamy water that clouded his vision! Yikes! I hurried to finish, then ran for my camera. After the picture taking session, in which he cooperated nicely, I sprayed him with a letal poison, then waited for him to die--which he didn't immediately do. He fell to the floor, so I zapped him with more poison, then left the room. When I came back, he had advanced to the porcelain toilet bowl. That was too, too much, so I smacked him with my sandal and that was the end of that! Now, before you get hysterical and decide to never come visit me, let me just say this: I have found many, many big spiders in my house through the years, I have met up with many cockroaches in my life, I even lived for a short time where there were scorpions, but I have never, ever been bit or stung by any of these things. Just for the record. Just so you know. God takes care of us.

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Anonymous said...

suddenly Caleb's fav song just isn't so cute anymore...
oh no--- that is one thing i am NOT looking forward to in Brasil!