Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I have just finished drinking some delicious umbu juice (the green fruit). On his latest trip, Pat stopped off in Salvador, Bahia, where friends took him to a market. He stuffed two new kinds of fruit in his suitcase: ciriguela and umbu (Sorry! I have no idea how that translates!) Ciriguela (orange fruit) is sweet and smells faintly of grapes. Umbu is tart--more of a lemony taste and reminded me of peaches and lemons. If you'd like to see a professional picture of ciriguela click here.
And here are my non-professional pictures. For yesterday's lunch I made some refreshing ciriguela juice . I'm a little reluctant, though, about biting into a sour fruit like the umbu. We were told to first cook the fruit just a little. I did that with both fruits, actually, then sieved them because of the rather large seed in the middle.
Oh, I feel so healthy now.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful fruit! I love it.