Thursday, March 13, 2008


Fishing on a lazy summer afternoon...

Born and raised right here!

A rebuilt house-to-be-restaurant

Last Saturday we drove to a little German town called Ivoti. Our first stop was a well-stocked antique shop and one of the trivia that caught my eye was a View Master projector for kids that came with one slide card. Our kids had had a View Master, now broken, so I was happy to find this used one for sale. The price: $24! (I quickly decided I'd look for one at garage sales in the USA this summer!) I also found a candle holder exactly like mine (and I'm not antique) and a Blue Willow dessert plate for $24. Nah! I don't need that either. The friendly owner of the shop directed us to a new colonial village that was being inaugurated that weekend. The road took us through town and wound down a hill to an ancient bridge built for Don John VI. The one house that had been restored for public viewing was closed, but we did meet an interesting man who was born and raised in the house you see in the photo. It was a step back into time.

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