Tuesday, March 04, 2008


"A view from the hotel looking over the valley"

For your next vacation: The Wine Spa at Villa Europa in the Vineyard Valley. Because of the grape harvest, the hotel is offering special package deals, as in:

*2 nights with breakfast (taxes already included)
*straw hat, britola (?) and basket for picking grapes
*cold cuts & cheeses with music!
*1 typical Italian dinner including wine

You can choose between 3 different rooms:
Luxurious Apartment--$360 (single); $514 (double)
Prince Suite--$548 (single); $632 (double)
Master Suite--$817 (single); $901 (double)

And there's more--special package deals for one day with creams, massages, exfoliation, facial treatments--all with grape products. For instance, you can get a scalp massage for only $95.80. What could be better with a breathtaking view of Vineyard Valley?

On our trip through the vineyards last week, we stopped by this hotel without knowing about its fame. We read that before opening day there were already 300 reservations!

Check out their site at http://www.villaeuropa.com.br/

Choose your wine and take a trip into a new world of special treatments made with grape seed oil, honey, creams, perfumed oils and more!!!! Enjoy that vacation!!


Anonymous said...

hey maybe for an anniversary one year soon.... you should talk to your son about this one!

prairierose said...

And why not? Aren't we children of the King?