Saturday, March 01, 2008


We stopped alongside the road to admire the grapes, then noticed a 51-yr.0ld lady with a plastic tub hanging from her neck We struck up a conversation. She told us this vineyard had been in the family for many years, now left to herself and her nephew. (She also took care of her 80-ish mother.) "Would you like some grapes?" she asked. We said yes as Pat started fishing in his pockets for some money. "No, no, no," she said, "Imagine! You don't have to pay for them!" After more insisting on our part, we decided she must be sincere and we each accepted great handfuls of purple "Isabel" grapes. We returned to our car feeling we had met a "grape" angel. I had just read that the grape seeds and skins contain most of what is "good for you"--the very things I have an aversion to eating--but, inspired by my reading and feeling inclined to health that day, I began to chomp on the seeds and swallow the skins like a deprived war prisoner. I felt soooo full when I finished.

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