Friday, October 05, 2007


I can't get enough of spring's flowers. I often feel like my neighbor who told me, "These flowers are so beautiful I could eat them!" These deliciously fragrant purple & white flowers grow on the same's that for ingenuity on God's part? I call these red flowers bottle brushes, but instead of being stiff and bristly they are surprisingly soft and give your nose a gentle tickle.And then, these purple flowers are from a very tall tree not far from home. Each branch holds out a bouquet and the total effect is absolutely stunning. The orchids dispense commentaries.
It's natural to want to own the beautiful things we see, but I've found that I can enjoy the beautiful things all around me without owning them. In fact, years ago on a trip with our band we were put up in a beautiful lake home complete with a row boat. I immediately began "wishing" I owned a place like that. Then God very lovingly whispered in my ear, "I'm letting you enjoy these beautiful things without the worry and work that comes with owning them." It was a liberating thought that day, and it still is.

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