Friday, January 30, 2009

Star Gazing

I'm in western Paraná right now in a small interior town. I've found three wonderful things here: 1) our Bible Institute run by a staff of exceptional people, 2) homemade ice cream called Wailiki--a treat we always look forward to, and 3) stars!

The heavens come close to earth here in Altônia and I was star gazing just minutes ago. Away from city lights, the sky reveals its true self. There are myriads of stars up there and they twinkle so brightly with hardly a space between them. And God thought up a name for each one! How stunning is that?

Who is this God who made the heavens? Who is this God who chose to come to earth cramped inside a clay body? Who is this God who is humble enough to to sit down and chat with me, listen to me and love me? I don't understand the mystery, but I love Him.

The soft night air is perfumed by a flowering bush nearby and a bird sings its two-note song in a rhythmic pattern without missing a beat. How long it will keep this up I don't know because it is nearly one in the morning and I thought birds slept after dark. I am not tired because I drank lots of coke at our picnic tonight. Ah, what a beautiful night. I think I will star gaze a little longer before heading for bed.

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