Sunday, January 04, 2009


I don't recall what was sooooo funny!

Patricia made these beautiful gold plates just for our Christmas dinner.

The tea lights are in decorated baby food jars.

Emily was a good little mommy and so much fun to watch. She named her new doll Mary Elizabeth.

Pat's project for the girls was more modest this year due to a time crunch.

A joke gift for the sons-in-law...

Baby Julia's first Christmas!

See my pretty dress!!!

Pat continued his tradition of piling on all the clothes he got for Christmas.


Linda said...

Beautiful plates, beautiful shelves, beautiful dress, beautiful family.

About putting on all the clothes...hmmmm what to say...nice look?! Remember to remove all the beeper tags!

prairierose said...

Sat.nite another beeper went off on Pat's jeans while at the shopping center!