Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I suffer from a rare syndrome called Christmas Card Angst, or if you prefer the scientific term--cardlessxmasphobia. It starts in December and as Christmas approaches, daily trips to the mailbox become anxiety journeys. The person with this syndrome is afraid to open the mailbox for fear of not finding any Christmas cards. Dare I open the mailbox today? is a common question. Has no one remembered we exist? is another heartbreaker. The anxiety can become so overwhelming that days may go by without even a peek in the mailbox, thinking that by waiting more days there is a greater chance of finding a card. This syndrome mainly affects people living overseas where mail takes longer to arrive and people are more likely to forget we exist.

I celebated my first Christmas card of the season this year with a snappy "OH!" and as each subsequent card arrived it was greeted with similar squeals of delight ("Uhh" "Nn" Mmm")

Christmas is over now, but the angst syndrome continues into January until all the late mail arrives. I got a card today, for instance, from my niece and her husband who live in Pennsylvania and I talked to my Mother on skype just a few minutes ago, and she assured me her card was "in the mail". Now that's a picker-upper! "YOUR CARD'S IN THE MAIL."

If this is a good year, my angst may be over by the end of the month. Wish me luck.


Linda said...

Ummmm, I still have your card in my house...I also have your present under my tree...ummmm, just you wait and see what the Easter Bunny brings....

prairierose said...