Monday, October 06, 2008


I remember yearning eagerly for the day the S & H stamp book would be filled up. There were so many cool prizes to choose from. And it wasn't just S & H, but the Super Value grocery store stamps and maybe the Red Owl, too. I loved the job of pasting in the stamps and then flipping through the book, admiring each filled page. Ah! Those were the days. And then, just the other day in a shop in Stillwater, I saw an old S & H sign where my hubby and I were devouring homemade pumpkin & apple pie à la mode and coffee for only $3.00 each. What a steal. It was almost like getting a stamp to paste in the S & H stamp book.

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patybrazil said...

Oh mom!! You are so much fun! HOw can you possibly enjoy collecting stamps!! Love you so much!! miss you terribly too!