Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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I fell in love with North Dakota again! When one is away from this land as I have been, that ocean of sky and flat endless prairie without a blip on the screen gripped me anew with a delicious sense of freedom and, ah yes, s-p-a-c-e. I am a leave-the-doors-open kind of person and this land breeds that feeling. And, contrary to popular opinion, there are trees in North Dakota. In fact, my mother owns 40 acres of them and I had the privilege of roaming "in the scary woods". I didn't see any wild beasts and only heard the chatter of a squirrel and the occasional squawk of a bird; however, I saw many deer tracks.

To get to this oasis of wooded fairy land, I had to cross a scary bridge made by two fallen trees. It reminded me of my unfortunate experience as a kid falling off a different "tree bridge" smack into the river. This time, fortunately, I didn't fall in, thanks to my agility and physical prowess.

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The 4 Poppies said...

I love those pics! This week I read your scary woods story to most of my students. They loved the story and the drawings! My student today said that you should certainly publish...according to her, you are missing out on getting $$ with that. :-)