Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Which system is better--Brazil's or the USA?

This year I had to renew my Brazilian and my American driver's license. It was an interesting study in cultures. Check this out.

How to renew a driver's license in Brazil (The government has privatized the process.)

1. Go to licensing station to get form for paying at the bank and to find out the other rules.

2. Take form to bank, stand in line and pay for license.

3. Go to photo studio to have picture taken.

4. Take the form and picture back to testing station to make appointment for medical exam.

5. Do medical exam on day scheduled. It consists of several questions and an eye exam with that eye chart we are all familiar with.

6. Go to testing station on Tuesday (a week after I made my first inquiries) to take written test, the only day of the week when it is done.

7. While waiting to be called for testing, I almost miss it because of misinformation.

8. Take test and hope I pass. Results can only be obtained a day or two later by calling up the testing station.

9. I passed! Whew! Now I must call again to find out when the license will be ready. (It was ready and in my hands within a week, but I had to go back to the station to pick it up.)

Cost: $73.00

Expires: June 4, 2013

Restrictions: Corrective lenses

Time required: one week + one week until receive license

This license does not give my address, my eye color, my height nor my weight, nor my sex. It does register my ID number, social security number and the names of my parents.

How to renew a driver's license in Minnesota (run by the state).

1. Go to licensing bureau where I am told I must do the driver's test as well as the written, but am not given the rule book to study. (I ask for it later after observing instructions being given to another.). I do take a form to fill out.

2. Call the Egan Testing Station and leave a message on their system to call me back. (It never happens.)

3. After many weeks, call again and wait to talk to a real person. Now I am told that I do not have to take the driver's test, but only the written and I don't need an appointment.

4. After studying the manual, I feel I must take the plunge and hope for the best.

5. At the Egan Testing Station, I stand in a long line and wait my turn.

6. At the desk, a quick eye exam is executed and I do not need corrective lenses.

7. I am directed to a computer where I take the test quickly and find out my score immediately.

I passed! Whew!

8. I wait in line again until I am called to take my picture right there and right now!

9. I pay for my license and am given a piece of paper as my legal right to drive until the real license comes.

10. I receive my license in the mail almost two months later.

Cost: $24.00

Expires: Oct. 21, 2012

Restrictions: None

This license gives my address, my sex, eye color, height & weight

Time required: 60-90 minutes + two months until receive license

It's your call--which system is better?

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The 4 Poppies said...

That´s a tough one, Mom, I really don´t experience in both places seemed to be a lot more simple, but the convenience of doing everything in the same place (US) is wonderful and I tell everyone here how simple it is in the US!