Friday, September 26, 2008


Shortly after arriving in the good ol' USA I went to the store to buy a few things. My list read something like this:
l). bath soap
2). cotton balls
3). Q-tips
4). mouth wash
5). etc.

I was looking for modest portions that would be sufficient to cover my four-month stay in the USA. My eyes searched the shelves for one bar of soap (we have bins of soap packaged that way in Brazil) but I woefully discovered it would be virtually impossible to buy just ONE bar of soap or a small quantity of anything. I was forced, (coerced?), obligated or what-have-you, to buy WAY more than I wanted and I was not happy with supersized America. I went home with 1.5 liters of mouth wash, 300 cotton swabs (I call them Q-tips), 100 jumbo sized cotton balls, 3 bars of soap and 10 razor blades. I only have 35 days left in the USA and I have close to 1.2 liters of mouth wash left, approximately 291 cotton swabs, 89.5 cotton balls, 2 bars of soap, and 7 new razors. I think we should change the national anthem to read:
America, America, too supersized for me,
Let fly the cry: "We want to buy
In smaller quantities!"

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