Monday, September 08, 2008

KEY WEST is a key spot to visit!

From a map, the keys look more like pebbles in a vast ocean, but as our van headed south, those pebbles turned into little towns with long bridges linking one to another--imagine driving between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean! The coral lent beautiful shades of green and rose to the water and we had to stop at one point to follow a path out into the shallow water while watching the wind surfers!

But the town of Key West was the best of all! Home to Ernest Hemmingway and the Little White House, it charmed us with its artsy look, tropical vegetation and Spanish-style homes. And the ice cream was the best!

We can now say we have been to the "bottom" of the continental United States and they say that on a clear night, one can see the lights of Havana.

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