Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Grandpa meets Penélope & Caleb for the 1st time

These two were only a month old when Grandma last saw them.

A BIG bear hug for Michael.

...and a squishy squeeze for Michelle.

Yes! This is the terminal that fouled us up.

As Flight #851 descended at the Minneapolis airport that Tuesday afternoon we could hardly contain our excitement at the anticipated reunion with our Stateside kids and grandkids. Would the little ones be shy and afraid to come to us? Pat had yet to meet two-year-old Penélope and Caleb, and three-year-old Gabriella would not remember us well either. Much to the dismay of our children, our Airtran plane landed at the Humphrey Airport instead of at the main terminal where they were waiting. Thankfully, we had just been loaned a cell phone and were able to connect with them. And here's the photos to tell the story.

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