Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why Vacuum a Christmas Tree??

My sister-in-law Linda asked why one would vacuum a Christmas tree. I hasten to explain.
December in the tropics brings together a completely different set of circumstances. First of all, it is HOT. Hot means opening all the windows to catch a breeze, even if warm. Multiply one hot day by 30 or 40 (depending on when one puts up and takes down said tree) and one has fine dust blowing across room and settling on tree unbeknown to owner unless he or she accidentally bumps into branch and sees a cloud of dust rise! Tinsel (I still love it and save it from year to year!!) gets blown and tangled and strewn across floor. Christmas decorations get dusty, and because of high humidity, metalic decorations can possibly begin to rust.

Traditional Christmas foods are often made in the oven, but when it is 90º one doesn't get excited about roasting anything. Having said that, I must add that my American traditions have always won out inspite of being "counter-cultural." I bake cookies and pies and roast turkey, heating up an already very warm kitchen, sweat pouring off my body--all in the name of tradition...and I love it anyway! Try replicating Christmas on the hottest day in July or August to get the "feeling!"

Brazilians don't do a lot of baking for Christmas. They will serve roasted turkey for the Christmas Eve celebration at midnight, but Christmas Day is usually a barbecue and they serve lots of fruit. It certainly makes more sense, but then, it wouldn't be Christmas!

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Linda said...

Now it all makes perfect sense