Saturday, January 19, 2008


My Grandma Lena was born 124 years ago today. I remember her as a gentle and quiet soul. Some of my favorite memories of her are: humongous, round sugar cookies, getting a birthday card in the mail with a dollar bill tucked inside, trying to beat her at Chinese checkers, crocheted doilies on the backs and arms of all her stuffed chairs and couches, thinking it cute of her to say Jugene instead of Eugene, sugar cubes at coffee time, her navy blue polka dot silk dress, her green bottle of mentholatum, spending lots of time admiring her salt & pepper collection, putting puzzles together, her slipping a nickle or dime in my hand for an ice cream cone, getting a letter from her with the admonition to "be a good girl," her devotion to God. Grandma, if you were alive today, I would give you a big bear hug for your birthday. I LOVE YOU.

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The 4 Poppies said...

Very sweet Mom!