Monday, December 31, 2007

Santa's Workshop

Here is proof that Santa was not shirking his duties this year....

Santa Reesha made this detailed miniature of our band!!!
A knick-knack shelf for daughter.

And another shelf & daughter...

An easy-to-set-up tent for Eric & Emily


Michelle said...

you guys have very talented santas! Tell Santa Dugan that I've been keeping a tally of all things built for my sisters. When he comes to the US, he's going to be a very busy litte man.

Tell Mrs. Santa Pappis that she's crazy amazing...the records, the wurlizter, the guitar, I think my favorite is the harmonica and the listinha...How dare she be so good!

Linda said...

Wow, you all are so creative!

Each project is a work of art!

Happy New Year, and hope your burn is better.