Saturday, December 15, 2007


Pat left in the car this morning to buy wood for Santa's workshop. He called me at noon to say he was on his way home when the car mysteriously stopped. He would call the mechanic, he said, but an hour later he called again to say he was still waiting. About a half hour later he pulled into the garage grinning sheepishly and said, "Don't ask me what was wrong!" And then proceeded to tell me.

While waiting for the mechanic, a church member pulled up and offered his help. Soon another couple from church (and neighbors as well) pulled up, too, and after a bit, the husband said, "Could it be you are out of gas?"
Well, that thought had occured to Pat, but because the gas tank indicator wasn't even in the red, he had discarded the idea. Now, it seemed like a good idea to check it out, and because the gas station was close by, he took off running like a track star, only to trip and fall head over heels in the gravel. He fell in the correct fashion, however, rolling his body, but making quite a spectacle of himself. As he peeled himself off the ground, he noticed the church member's wife had witnessed the great fall. "I'll just tell them you were picking something up from the ground," she teased.

Well, after the car guzzled some gas, it purred like a kitten and brought my hubby home safe and sound except for a scrape on his hand.


The 4 Poppies said...

Hilarious! Wish there´d been a camera around!

Linda said...

Which reminds me of the time we drove to San Diego with you in that Bethany wagon. We stopped in Phoenix for gas and Pat, wanting a little exercise, told us to pick him up when we were done and proceeded to jog down the road. Two problems, he took the road to LA instead of San Diego, but worse than that, he took the car keys, leaving us stranded at the pump. Fun memory!

prairierose said...

Linda, that was a classic! How long did it take Pat to discover his error?

Linda said...

Wasn't it a half hour or so and we couldn't move the car away from the pump.

I remember seeing him as a little speck on the horizon getting smaller and smaller and then when he realized his error, he was a speck on the horizon getting bigger and bigger.

Makes me smile to think of it.

Anonymous said...

arrgghhhh at least the car wasn't broken ;-)