Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Hot Christmas Day Morning!

I was in the process of making coffee for our Christmas morning breakfast. Instead of using the coffee maker, I grabbed the basket part of the coffee maker and set it on top of the mouth of a thermos so the steamy brew would pour directly into it. The basket was too big for the thermos , and I noticed it tottering precariously and mentioned to my daughter, Reesha, who was nearby to be careful! The next few seconds are a blur. I just know that all of a sudden a basketful of coffee grounds and boiling water was dumped on me smack onto my stomach and right leg! I ran into the laundry room next to the kitchen, peeled off my clothes while Reesha grabbed a towel for me to make a dash to the shower. Pat decided we needed to see a doctor, so off we went. A burn is a burn, but fortunately it hasn't been very painful though most unsightely. I'm soooo thankful that my grandkids were not the victims instead of me! And they waited so patiently for us to come back from the doctor before peeking into their stockings! God is loving and compassionate!


Anonymous said...

Thank God you are ok! Thanks for the wonderful gifts. I love the shirt and the earrings are so pretty!

Michael is excited about the dvd and so am I! We loved that movie and are happy to watch it over and over and over again!

Bella loves her purse and looked like a little diva today carrying it around! The books are great too I attempted to read one of them today and did semi okay with the pronunciation! Michael will have to read them ;-)

Love you guys and miss you SO much!

prairierose said...

I'm so glad you liked the gifts....when did you get them?

Michelle said...

CRAZY Christmas morning!!!! WOW! I cannot believe it. I'm glad it wasn't worse! Way to go, kids...I guess they really love their grandma!

Michelle said...

That sounds crazy!!! I'm so glad that you're ok, wow!!! Way to go grandkids, waiting to open the stockings....I guess they really love their grandma!