Thursday, October 07, 2010

God Delights to Answer Prayer

As I stood facing the congregation, a middle-aged blond lady caught my attention. She sat to my right, and while I played the keyboard for the worship time, I thought I heard a quiet, operatic voice rise above the chorus of worshipers singing together. I scanned the crowd and yes, that voice did seem to come from the blond lady. She looked happy, I thought, but why did she sing out like that? Then it was our turn to sing. Pat grabbed the guitar and we started singing songs our band had recorded years ago. Pat noticed the blond lady singing along. Humm. At the close of the meeting, I stood off to the side to sell our cds. The blond lady approached me bubbling with enthusiasm, "When I was a teenager, our youth group used to sing all your songs..." She hugged me excitedly. "We had your cassette tapes and I still have your records! But, I've never been able to trace you down. Three months ago, I opened my window, looked out and prayed, 'God, I don't know where this band is or how to find them, but I would like to locate them.' Tonight, not only did I get to meet the band, but also the composer of the songs!"

Isn't God just somethin'else??

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