Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pulando Carnaval!!

Today is Carnaval--the most celebrated holiday in all of Brazil. In this country it is more important than Christmas or Easter and runs a close second to New Year's Eve. "Pulando Carnval" is literally, "Jumping Carnival" and refers to the samba beat, Brazil's famous dance music. Today is the day you indulge all your carnal (hence "carna-val") passions before the beginning of lent. So, Pat and I did just that. We slept in until 9 a.m., drank extra-strong coffee for breakfast, gave ourselves the luxury of reading for hours, delighted ourselves with a "double dose" of Hershey's chocolate for our after-lunch dessert, fried up a 100% all beef burger WITH CHEESE for dinner, then headed for McDonald's to top it off with ice cream. Pat chose a modest ice cream cone (as always), but I indulged in a chocolate sundae!

It was a lovely Carnaval.

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