Monday, February 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Westinghouse!

My Westinghouse washing machine turned 19 years old in January and a week ago I thought it had breathed its last. Thankfully, it only needed a "basket" change. As you can see in the picture, the inner part of the basket just rusted away. This may not appear significant to you, but there is a sweet story behind it.

At the end of 1989 we were preparing for a big move...after 16 years of community-style living, we were going to move to a single-family dwelling and that meant buying a houseful of furniture. At the time of our move I was a school teacher for the missionary kids and would occasionally get a phone call from a fellow teacher who lived in the city we were moving to--Belo Horizonte. One day she called and asked if we were going to buy a washing machine. I said, no, that we were planning on having someone come in to do the washing (by hand I guess!!!) Today that sounds crazy, but those were the plans. I think my friend thought we were crazy, too. She called me two or three times and each time asked about the washing machine. We didn't buy one.

Moving day came and a new reality set in. The first day in our new house we were unpacking boxes and trying to get settled when a pickup pulled up to the house and my teacher friend and her husband got out. In the back of the pickup was a brand-new, 6 kilo Westinghouse washing machine! I couldn't believe my eyes. "I decided that if I was so worried about you having a washing machine, that maybe that was the Lord telling me I should do something about it," my friend explained. I was overwhelmed...and overjoyed. God knew better than we did that washing clothes by hand was not a good idea--not even for another person (which didn't happen).

Throughout these long 19 years, the washing machine has needed no major repair work. Our neighbor, who is also a washing machine repairman, says our machine is worth fixing up. "They don't make machines to last any more, " he's told us more than once.

So, Karen & Tom, once again I thank you from the bottom of my wee heart for your generous and useful gift that keeps on giving and blessing our lives. (And I hope you have a good washing machine, too!)

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