Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have you ever found...

a piece of elastic dangling from the freezer door of your refrigerator?

It happened to me for the first time this morning. No, I'm not kidding. This morning when I went into the kitchen I saw a short piece of elastic hanging out of the freezer door!! I laughed! and yes, I can explain.

I am engaged in a sewing project and carefully cut two pieces of elastic for said project. With elastics in hand, I left sewing area for a reason I have now forgotten (I have been very distracted these days...) When I went back to my sewing, I only had one piece of elastic in my hand. Aha! I said. I must have let it drop somewhere while I zigzagged through the house, so I began to retrace my steps to the bedroom, the kitchen, the sewing table, the sewing machine, the ironing board, the big rocking chair where I sat, the trunk next to the chair, but it had literally disappeared into thin air! Defeated, I cut another piece of elastic and sewed it into place.

So, does that explain why there was a piece of elastic hanging outside the freezer door????

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Michelle said...

LOL!!!! that's hilarious!