Sunday, June 22, 2008

Furlough and the 2nd Coming of Christ

Getting ready for furlough and the 2nd coming of Christ have a lot in common.

First of all, it will surely come to pass. I have tickets for the 24th whether I'm ready or not, and although I don't have a date for the 2nd coming of Christ I know it will happen.

Second of all, I'm trying to get everything clean before I leave on furlough. This week has been very stressful trying to get every vestige of dirt and grease out of the kitchen. Patricia and I worked ourselves to the bone (mainly Patricia) and woke up with sore arms the next morning. After that experience we don't believe the house really needs a spring cleaning, BUT... I finally quit procrastinating and threw away pieces of paper that had collected dust in my office for years, and I actually threw an old bra in the waste basket (then retrieved it) and carted two armloads of clothes to the give-away! And, I allowed Patricia to throw away some egg shells that had been sitting on the laundry shelf waiting for the right moment for crushing them up for "someone" to use for a craft moment with their children. (Let's not mention the bag of folded coffee boxes or that can of old wax). I'm feeling liberated and hope you can see the link between getting one's heart clean and all the trash thrown out of it before Christ returns.

Third of all, my body should be healthy before leaving on furlough. Pat and I have been traipsing in and out of many doctor and dentist's offices and we finished our last exam on Friday by passing the stress test with flying colors (and I did better than healthy, careful- how-he-eats-and-exercises Pat!!). Right now I can't see the link between this third point and the 2nd coming of Christ, but I'm sure you will.


Linda said...

Wait a minute, are you arriving on the 24th of JUNE? That's Tuesday. I thought you were coming in mid-July!

prairierose said...

We arrive in Mpls.on July 1st!!

Linda said...

I got the memo. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!