Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just had to get out of our apartment this afternoon. My brain needed fresh air and I needed to escape from the TV's constant reporting on the levels of radiation in Japan and the war in Libya. I grabbed my camera and started walking. My eyes feasted on the intricate design of the flowers, their delicateness and colors, at God's ingenuity in coming up with sooooo many varieties. And as I walked I felt my soul being restored, like David in the Bible expressed it. And I wept. I was overcome by the beauty of it all and weeping seemed like an appropriate expression of my awe of God. I sat on a log in a neighboring park and looked up at the very tops of the trees that covered me like a gigantic roof. Here are some of the beauties I photographed this afternoon:

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Abramyan Avenue said...

Beautiful post! I love seeing all the flowers blooming too. I almost hate to listen to the news because it's all bad and negative and honestly, it just scares me at time. Thank you for posting your lovely distractions!