Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It was a promise waiting to be kept: "Grandma, can we have a tea party with your special dishes some day?" And now that their Mommy was in the USA, it seemed like this was the right time--a moment that would brighten up their day. So, even though it wasn't an afternoon tea (I suggested we wait until the next afternoon when it would be sunny, etc. but they quickly put the kibosh on that!) we had our tea party at night. We had made "totlate tookies" and one cookie filled up the entire little china plate. I served snackies (made from yucca root) which filled up the tureen. There were many "be carefuls" "pour slowlies" isn't this nicies? And after all my recommendations for safety, it was my foot that Gabriella tripped over while carrying one of the precious china plates, making her fall to the floor--without breaking the dish! Whew! After all, this Grandma had gotten those china dishes when she was a little girl and none had broken to date. Needless to say, a marvelous time was had by all and instead of each of us eating two cookies and a few snackies, I'm afraid I must admit we each gobbled up 4? or 5? or? cookies and piles of little snackies!! But the look on their faces was worth it all!

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