Friday, May 15, 2009

Jill Briscoe & friends

The gal who coordinated the retreat handing me my copy of the book.

This gal was my 'soul mate' at the retreat.

Just Jill and me

Part of the group of authors.

I was recently at a women's retreat where I heard Jill Briscoe speak. I wasn't disappointed. Her life is an inspiration and an aspiration! (Can one say that--it's quite catchy!) Jill is 74 and traveling around the world training leaders in sometimes dangerous places! She and her husband are giving 10 years of their lives to this ministry. Just as we were parting ways, she gave me her book, "The Deep Place Where Nobody Goes" (Conversations with God on the steps of my soul), which I am eating up! I also had the joy of writing a chapter in a book about women in ministry. It's scary reading your writing in another language, especially when you can understand the translation and might like to improve on it!

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patybrazil said...

Can't tell you mom how proud I am of you...I think its AWESOME to have a mom so brave as to write a chapter of an important book...I hope you will do more of it!!! love yoU!!