Tuesday, March 10, 2009


My original wedding ring set minus the diamond. I lost it and replaced it with an emerald.

My beautiful green velvet box isn't so beautiful anymore, but the memories are.

It happened in the "GOLD CARPET ROOM" on the second floor of the Long House Residence on this date in l968! It was a private restaurant, actually, with only one table and chairs--quite exclusive, you know. I was a blushing 19-year-old and Pat a mature 20 and this is where we got engaged. I will "let you in" on some tidbits from my dairy:

Dearest Diary!!
What a memorable day...After church Pat wanted to go outside to get some fresh air. Terry was out there with a white Plymouth. He opened the back door and we got in. I thought it was a joke...He drove around to the girls' dorm, got out, ran around to my side, opened the door, and then ran to his house. We followed. Upstairs, a sign was on their living room door--"GOLD CARPET ROOM." Terry opened the door and...astonishment!!!there was a table with a linen cloth, two swivel chairs from the lobby of the school building, three candles on the table, and a setting for two. They had brought a potted plant from the auditorium, and had nailed Susie's curtains into the wall. It was all so romantic and dreamy. Something I'll never forget.

Terry brought us menus...we had assorted crackers, cookies, banana splits, and ginger ale in Terry's new bar glasses...the bill came to $19. 10...there was soft, tender music playing on the stereo..Terry came in with his guitar and played a song...Pat told me to close my eyes..there was the most gorgeous diamond in a beautiful green velvet box...I let out a little scream. Pat kissed me before he even put it on. He was on his knees and put the ring on my finger!...
At weddings, I don't know why they call the groom's friend the "best man" because my groom was and is the best man, and if I could choose all over again, I'd choose Mr. Pat again and again and again. He's the only one for me. He has exemplified Christ's love for his church in our marriage and I feel privileged to call him mine.

Happy 41st Engagement Party, Honey!!! I love you!!


The 4 Poppies said...

That is SOOOOO sweet Mom! Love it! I don´t think I´d heard all those details before!

prairierose said...

tsk! tsk! There seem to be many details my children don't know!!!

Linda said...

I had never heard this story either!

prairierose said...

You didn't know your husband used to be a chauffeur, a waiter, and a night club singer???