Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 7 Ramblings

I woke up to another glorious day of blue skies and sunshine! How I'm loving this November spring weather. I discovered several baby mangos coming out on the tippy top of our mango tree. I love them!

Today was baking day. I started out making granola, then brownies, but before the brownies were half done baking the stove ran out of bottle gas! And by the time the gas man came with a new tank the brownie dough had cooled off and later when I took them out of the oven they looked different--the top had formed a crust. Then I tackled sweet roll dough. To make a long story short, I am having the guest speaker and his family over for coffee before church tomorrow night.

My friend never called about the book I'm lending her, so I took it over to her house on my way to the grocery store. I'm praying and praying that God will do something in her heart. She told me she is definitely moving to another neighborhood. I will miss her. She also said she ran into an American from California at the University and told her about us. Maybe I'll get a call one of these days...

I finally identified the feeling I've been carrying around these days that I've been by myself. It's called loneliness. I'm ready for my hubby to come home.

I had several nostalgic moments today. Every time I hear the drone of a small airplane it takes me back to the farm in North Dakota on a summer day and I am a kid again. And my sister and I run outside to see the airplane and watch it until it is out of sight. It's a lonely feeling because we didn't live close to any neighbors and my Mom was often working during those long summer days. That's how I felt today. Someone must have been practicing his flying because the plane circled around many, many times today. I found it up there in that blue sky only once, even though later I actually ran outside to look for it, but the tree blocked my view!

I'm tired. Good night.

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Linda said...

I think you should market those brownies with the crust on them. I have a recipe that sounds just like them (baked in a convection oven) that people pay a few dollars a piece for at some restaurant in West Palm Beach.

You could make millions!

Also, I hope your hubby comes home soon, but am enjoying all your blogging while he is gone.

Love you.