Sunday, September 30, 2007


Today was such a beautiful, quiet morning that I decided to break through my conservative nature and get rash! Yes, I decided to use the dried blueberries I'd brought back from the USA in 2004 (Did I rush into this?) to make wild blueberry muffins for breakfast. You see, the fun part of having foodstuffs from the USA is to open your cupboard and see them on the shelf, to dream about when to use it, and to close the cupboard and open it another day and still see it there. If I used them up quickly, I wouldn't have that pleasure, and it's oh, such fun, to see something to eat from the USA! Making muffins for Sunday breakfast reminded me of when we lived at the seminary in Coronel Fabriciano. There came a time when we were tired of eating the same kind of bread every day for breakfast and wished for something different. So, on Sunday mornings I got up earlier than the family and whipped up a batch of muffins for our breakfast before Sunday School and church. And, to make it extra, extra special, we treated ourselves to real butter--just on this occasion--and we would eat on our porch that overlooked the seminary grounds. All that reminiscing has made me lonesome for my would be fun to have them for breakfast on Sunday morning again. Well, this is how my muffins turned out.

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